Moving & Handling Training Update


The aims and outcomes of a typical Moving and Handling Training Update course would are to maintain safe handling techniques and safe moving skills and raise awareness of any changes in legislation with regards to Health and Safety.


Health and Safety legislation, care of the spine, safe handling techniques, use of hoists and other equipment.

Course outcome

Participants will have renewed their training in Moving and Handling and will have knowledge of any recent changes in relevant legislation.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anybody who:

  • has already completed the full day training
  • are working in a care setting
  • wish to maintain their skills in supporting anybody with disabilities in a safe environment

Entry requirements

Completion of the full Moving and Handling Training day within the last 12 months.

Where is the course delivered

  • At your location for groups up to 10 participants
  • At locations across the midlands

Duration of course

3 hours

Course Cost

Please contact us

What Our Customers Say

  • Very good presentation and delivery of course, kept everyone engaged and kept content relevant to our school setting.


  • Very personable, well-informed trainer, great practical and tailored aspects to the course, which were very useful. Scenarios and situations were highlighted that we hadn’t thought of, very thorough Thanks


  • Kevin was very knowledgeable and used examples of our students where ever possible, while advising us all on our practice, he did not make us feel like we were doing anything wrong. Made some good suggestions about equipment.

  • Very informative – real interest in our students, their needs and the best way to support them whilst keeping ourselves safe, plus information on policies.

  • I attended one of Kev’s courses today and I must say, it has been excellent! From his skills in presentation and interaction, to his in-depth knowledge and clarity of his delivery

  • Kevin Was very engaging and approachable. Obvious he has also had experience of a similar setting to ours, which made the information more realistic and relevant.